Can I change image size in Data Viewer Grid?

Hello Everyone,
How do i decrease the size of the image…in data grid viewer?

its showing too big…

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Answers Are Welcome …

Dude give people some time to read this topic.
But there is no way to do this using blocks.
I suggest to change this to a diffrent one.
Screenshot 2021-04-09 7.46.05 PM
Or create a custom one.

Actually , I am using the grid …

That works the same way.

I actually know that…thanks…i will try the custom…i knew that too…but cant we do anything else?

I am not sure but you can change the width/hiegth of the image in the legacy UI.
Using blocks.


I built an app. I improved my UI/UX.
But the thing is the button doesnt navigate?

Is thunkable Pro Down?

Hi there,

I believe we are discussing this topic on Intercom at the moment. You’re trying to use a clickable image to navigate screens in your app, is that right?