[bug report] 'Please select an animation file' displays while lottie component is loading a file

I have a lottie animation while my app is loading. It works perfectly on iOS, Android, Thunkable Live but not as a published web app. It comes up with the text in the below screenshot.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Can you share a minimal example? I can look into this today!

Thank you @jared that would be great!

Here is an example project link: Thunkable

On closer examination it seems the animation just displays ‘Please select an animation file’ as the screen is loading (usually about 0.5-1 sec) before it does correctly display the animation.

Maybe a quick workaround for the Thunkable dev team would be to change the default text for all animations from ‘Please select an animation file’ to ’ ’ for the initial 2 seconds of a screen?

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Here is a workaround

set the lottie to be invisible on screen start. this is almost an unnoticeable delay and doesn’t display the loading text. i think we should remove the text tho if a file is loading. i’ll file a request.


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