Blocks to control BORDERS of buttons

Does anyone know if there is a way to control (block) borders? (as per the paste from the docs below).

There is quite a lot one can control like font sizes and colors and background etc. But not BORDERs.


  • Width: Enter how wide you want the border outline of the button to be

  • Color: Pick a color for the border of the button

  • Style: Select if you want the border to be a dotted, dashed or solid line

  • Radius: Enter how round you want the edges of the border for the button to be

With the help of blocks you can only set the width of the border. In this case, the border will be black.

If you place a component inside Colum with indentation, you can change the border color of the element by changing the Column background color and can change the border width by changing the element size.