BillToPay (the first AI/Thunkable scheduling application with notification)

BillToPay is the first AI/Thunkable scheduling application.You can set multiple Company and every Company has own list.
You can manage bills even to pay or paid.You can set amount of the bill,maturing of the bill,day of notification,time of notification,how many times you will have notification.
The day you have chosen, you will receive an email with all the information regarding the bill

Best Regards Angelo


thank you for using the account manager extension
keep up the good work!



Nice app! @chiccovision, could You share with us How did the app send the mail on the date set by the user?

Hi Fabio, Just I’ll have a little time, I’ll post soon the file and all the explanations. Excuse me, but I do a other work and I do not have much time.

Are you from Brazil? Eu sou…

Hi Fabio ,no i’m italian.
There is a quick expanation:

to set up an email notificator you have to go to and create an account. After receiving the
api ,follow the instructions ( -start), copy the “Dependecy” folder and the files “ATrigger.php” and “ATriggerVerify.txt” into your server root.
Set the file to initialize the mail notification (trigger2.php in my example and the mail send.php for me).
You can download BillToPay.aia at
Trigger2.php at
If there’s something you did not understand, do not hesitate to ask me.
Good job and I hope to test your new app.
Regards Angelo.