Automate scrolling down when screen initializes

Hi guys! This is my first post, so I would like to thank every thunker for all the information you guys have shared. I am trying to solve a problem for my Chat APP, but I couldn’t find a solution in Thunkable X.

Problem: whenever a user enters the chat screen with another user or send/receive a new msg, (s)he has to scroll down manually in order to check the newest messages. I’m looking for a way to scroll the chat column automatically, through a command in blocks or with any advanced property. My problem is exactly the one reported in the following topic, but the answers were based on an extension for vertical scrolling:

Has someone already come up with a solution for this in Thunkable X? I would be very pleased to hear.

Thank u all in advance. Cheers!

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You can place new messages above previous ones or use an example from Domhnall Making better chat apps with the "Any Component" blocks


Hi @actech, thank you for your answer!

However, this seems to be an unsolved puzzle in Thunkable X. @domhnallohanlon himself have not found a solution for it.

I thought about your first suggestion, and I actually think this would be a great work around, and inverting the “whats app/facebook/instagram” logic would be fantastic. Unfortunately, my co-wokers dont think so, since some end-users might find it confusing.

Edit: I made a request in github page for a new feature that would give us control over the initial position of scroll.



As in whatsapp you can notify the users when he recieved a new message and yes the user would have to scroll down manually but I think the users won’t stop using the app cuz of this maybe you can do this until thunkable released this featured

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Indeed Daniel, I guess I will impose the upwards update of chat :grin:

I had requested this in Github as well.