Auto Populating a webpage with already generated variables

Hey guys,

I am trying to build an app that eventually populates a web page with the variables present. I am stuck at the populating phase.

The Ask
What block combination can I use to populate fields on a website directly from variables I have present so that I am not having to re-type this data. Or maybe through API :face_with_monocle:

NB: Can’t wait for a response, there has to be a workaround so Ill be staring at my screen all day with my fingers and toes crossed.

To populate fields on a website, the SITE/URL has to “accept” the variables/values in the URL.

For example, if you had an accounting app and wanted to pass an invoice number and invoice total to a web page/form… the form URL would need to accept the invoice number and amount from the URL. It might look something like this:

You site would then populate the page with those amounts.

From Thunkable app, you would simply create a text-based block using Join block/function under the Text blocks.Then in the web viewer block, you would set the URL to this text block you created.