Ask: Can I create a subtitle function in Thunkable?

Hi there,

Thunkable is a very useful tool for a non-engineer like me :slight_smile:
I want to make an app and I would like to know if Thunkable can help me achieve this.

I want to do
- I want to embed a video from Youtube, etc. and display clickable subtitles.
- When I click on a word in the subtitle, a pop-up window will appear with the translated word.

- Sentences divided into words and display time are stored in a DB (Airtable).
- When the play button of the video is pressed, the time is measured and the text is displayed from the DB according to the elapsed time.

- Is this possible with Thunkable?
- Whether there is a more suitable way to achieve this.

Thx :slight_smile:

i think this maybe possible with drag and drop ui of thunkable using a api to get video from youtube


Thanks for answering!

It’s true that if you just want to embed a video and display subtitles, you can use Youtube’s API and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:
However, what I would like to do is to have the ability to select a word in the subtitle and have it translated into another language, as shown in the attached image.
(In this example, the word “normal” is translated into Japanese.)

Is it possible to achieve this with Thunkable?

its totally possible with overlapping