Apps for the City that You Love, Part 1

Hey Thunkers!

Today, we are excited to debut on our blog, the first part in a series on Apps for Cities. This app developed for the bus riders in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, showcases the latest features of the Google maps component which now lets you add lines to customize your map.

Apps for the City that You Love, Part 1 - First Bus App of Dhaka

The app and the source code behind it are in the article. We look forward to seeing what you thunk!

Albert @ Thunkable


Spotted this over on the Facebook, great read!

The combination of the new Google Maps features and Cloudstich is amazing!

@barreeeiroo and I were discussing public transport apps last week, so the timing is impeccable! I was wondering about the back story though? What was the inspiration and how did you choose Dhaka for this app?

Hey Domhnall,

I was an urban planner in a former life and wanted to see if we could do anything to reverse the big challenge of car motorisation that was happening in Asia. I was fortunate to meet some amazing folks on a serendipitous trip to Bangladesh and found myself returning often over the course of 4 years. Below is more of the story if you’re interested!



that’s sooo brilliant:+1::+1::+1:
keep the ideas coming

Can’t wait to see Part 2. :relaxed:

That’s really cool!!! Amazing!!! This is good idea even here in Brazil!!!

Yeah, I will make an app for, to make a real-time map for buses


Awesome! Make sure to check out the updated Google docs map documentation which has a sample of how this might work.

7: Auto-sharing your location live with Firebase

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I think that I’m not going to use that feature because I have a detailed timetables with very exact times, so I will just make some functions to calculate the current position

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Ooooh…With live location updates you could create a flock-sourcing app like Albert mentioned in his TEDx talk.
As people ride the bus they could feedback information to your server. You could monitor actual journey times vs scheduled journey times, you could recommend people leave 10 or 15 minutes early to avoid congestion and identify which routes experience delays most often!

Just a thought! :grinning:


Great work and inspirational

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