App similar a YELP!

Hola estoy creando una aplicación similar a yelp, donde los negocios pueden subir fotos y recibir comentarios y calificaciones, estuve leyendo las politicas de app store y exigen metodos de filtrado para contenido generado por los usuarios, es decir, cuando un negocio sube foto, deberia utilizar el componente de reconocimiento de imagenes para filtrar el contenido apropiado, pero para filtrar los comentarios realizados por los usuarios, que puedo utilizar??? alguna sugerecia?

sorry I didn’t get that and can you please convey that in english

Gracias por responder soy de argentina, por eso escribo en español…
Hello I am creating an application similar to yelp, where businesses can upload photos and receive comments and ratings, I have been reading the app store policies and they require filtering methods for user-generated content, that is, when a business uploads a photo, it should use the image recognition component to filter the appropriate content, but to filter the comments made by users, what can I use ??? any suggestions?

I just didn’t get that and anyways you can use firebase to save users messages

What I am asking is, if any user comments an insult, for example, is there any way to automatically delete it ???

that was too big but still there is some thing like a flagging as in inapropriate if it is wrong then the will report as spam then you can just remove it by using remove listener in firebase

thanks, I’ll try it that way, I hope the app approves it from the app store using that method …