App became a really slow today

The downloaded app on iOS suddenly became slow today. No code changes. Users did not download a new version but suddenly it became really slow like almost 1 second per block.

Any ideas?

Hey @maptheunknown - it’s really hard to guess from that description.

Can you describe which particular parts of your app are slow what components are in use there?


All blocks are slow even just the splash page where it just shows the logo image. The weird part is that it was running well 2 days ago. Then today it’s 10x slower for all users that had the app downloaded on their phones. No code change. No update either so it’s the same downloaded app from 2 days ago. I was wondering if this is happening to others.

Still very slow today even on the live app. All blocks are running slow including scrolling or typing value on the input text is very slow. I’m using live app version 213 on iOS 13.6 iPhone 7 Plus.

Anyone else experiencing really slow response from their apps?

A couple of days ago, I had a slow response on Android, but then the situation was corrected.

I’m working purely on iOS. The performance is very slow and I think I’ll would need t some help from the Thunkable team to figure out what’s really causing this because I didn’t do any code change from my side.

I’m probably using 1 (or more) components that’s triggering the slow performance but it’s very hard to pin point since I cannot debug. I would need to strip down my app and that would be a lot of work.

Found the culprit!! It’s the accelerometer! As soon as I removed the Acceleromoter component then everything worked back to the way it was. No more performance issues.

It was very hard to track down because I need to remove many pages and components one by one via trial and error. It took my basically 1 week just figuring this out so I was not able to move forward. It would be great if you guys can give more info on why this happened. I needed to remove the Accelerometer component for now which means I need to remove a high functionality requirement for now from the app.

Here is a sample project where you can see the performance issue:

I created a separate thread regarding the Accelerometer so we can track when it’s solved.

Here is the link: Accelerometer causing performance issues