API self-signed certificate

Hi all
I’m testing this platform to develop an app that via API shows some data…
I’ve already tested 3th API to understand how Thunkable works but now, using the same “coding block” , instead of data I have an “undefined” response.
I call an host that give me back a simple JSON object…Do you have any idea about this problem?
So, my question mark is:
Is it possible that Thunkable doesn’t works with https but self-signed certificate API host?
Do you have any “walk-around”/solution to let me test?

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Can you please show your work or screenshot so that the members of the community better understand.

Remember, many API will not work from the Web Live Test but would work fine from Thunkable Live Test App on the mobile.

Hi Muneer, thank you for your reply
Yes , of course, attached you find the screenshot but it’s a very basic function…

About the testing solution, I tried on my mobile by your Thunkable Live Test App, so my “security question”

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Where do you get undefined?

Is it in “LabelOutput” or when attempting to get info from the object “varRispostaList”?

It is in “LabelOutput” (I’m using this label to have check of data…)

Hang on … you’re checking if there’s an error and then setting the label to status. Try setting it to error instead. I think that’s where your undefined is.


:thinking: Interesting…doing this by Web Preview I see the data but by Live Test on my device it give back “Network request failed” message

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Are you using an https:// url?

Do you have any content filters or firewalls affecting your phone?

Yes I’m using an https url, but no, there isn’t anything into my phone

I’m not sure what might be causing this. If you want to send me and/or @muneer a private message with a link to your project, we can take a look.

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