Any Component tutorials

Hello Thunkers. I am looking for tutorials on the any component and database, specifically, Switch component. I’m not finding anything on Youtube or on this site. Can someone please direct me to a location where I can learn more? Here are my blocks, but obviously they don’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


see this and this

Thanks for this. However, it does not answer my question. I need to know how the Any Components works with Storing and retrieving from a database

Hey @bobbyj12 :wave:

Did you ask a question about this last week?

I made [a demo app here], but there was a little bit of “prep work” needed to get everything set up properly.(

Once that was done it worked fine.

You need a tutorial not on Any components, but on the basics of programming in Thunkable X ( After studying it, you will understand not only the reason why your blocks do not work, but you will also know the answers to many questions that users cannot solve even within a week, because this information is very difficult to find.