AndroPedia : Your Device Encyclopedia


created by Yusuf Cihan
Sorry, this is BETA version of my first app.

AndroPedia is a safe, free and ad-free device information app. You can track all information about your device with using real-time monitor.

Isn’t is enough?

  • File Manager / Drawer
    Your device may not have a file manager that will open very simple files. But AndroPedia can do it too! It has a very simple file manager (drawer), but it does work.

  • Real-Time Monitor
    It monitors and displays your battery and connection level instantaneously.

  • Powerful Settings
    Almost all options are designed to be user-configurable. There is nothing so easy to play with the settings of your AndroPedia.

  • Dashboard / System Quality Point
    There may be some software problems in your system. AndroPedia checks for problems in your system and reports to you. (like “Your battery is dead” or “Your device does not have a Google Play store”)

  • Security in AndroPedia
    AndroPedia tries to provide as much security protection as possible. You can set a password before you enter the application. If someone else enters the Andropedia password incorrectly, you will know that someone are trying logging into it.

  • In-Buit Languages
    I know English and Turkish. I did not know English very well, but I also included Turkish, my own language. For now, additional languages ​​do not work in windows, but I’m going to fix it.

I used a lot of extensions. Name of the extensions can be seen from within the application.



Extensions by,
Taifun (Pura Vida Apps)
NMD Apps
Andres Cotes
Colin Tree
Juan Antonio
Said Dev

Icons by,
App Icon - Android Asset Studio
Icons in App - Papirus Development Team / Iconarchive

Also thanks to,
Thank you Thunkable for providing me with the development of my dream application.
Anyone who has downloaded this application. :innocent:

This is my first app created with Thunkable. Maybe it can contains some bugs, but I will always work on this application to fix it. I love to design and produce new projects. I am not very professional in developing applications, but I believe that one day I will do it.


APK - Google Drive [4 MB]
AndroPedia by Yusuf Cihan (1.0 BETA)

AIA - Direct Download from Thunkable
AndroPedia - Source Code (1.8 MB)

AndroPedia : Your Device Encyclopedia
Copyright © 2018 - Yusuf Cihan
GNU General Public License 2.0

(For the first time I am licensing an application, please let me know if it is wrong.)


If you could provide the .aia file, it would be amazing.
It’s okay if you can’t.
But this app is amazing and well built!

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I love it! The UI is nice and very user-friendly :heart_eyes: well done!
I also got some questions, if you don’t mind :joy:

  • what made you want to do this kind of app?
  • how long have you worked on this app?
  • did you experience any obstacles?
  • do you plan to add any new features in the future?

You are very talented, you really got a lot of potential :smiley: I can’t wait to see what your next project will be! :smile:


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Hi, @Nice_kode4
Thanks for your good message. No problem I can answer all the questions. :innocent:

I wanted to put this application on the Google Play Store, but I probably will not be able to do it because I do not have a Developer Account yet. In our country, the dollar is four times more valuable. So I can not put this application on Google Play for now.

I spent about 10 days for this application. But this process includes schools, activities, and breaks.

When I add something new constantly to the application, it doesn’t work that I added earlier. I have a lot of blocks in the application, sometimes I can use a wrong block in the wrong block, but in the end I always find a solution.

Yeah, I will try to improve the application as much as I can.

  • Theme Settings
  • Push Notifications (I will not use OneSignal for now because it is experimental.)
  • New file extensions that will only be compatible with AndroPedia.

Also, @The_Gaming_Tech
Soon I will add the project file and even the screenshots. Thanks for your message.


Thanks a lot, dude!

Can we modify and publish it to playstore??
If you give permission then it will be helpful

I licensed source code under GNU GPL2.0, so you can do this:

The reason for my licensing, to indicate that it is not belongs to you.


Very nicely done!