An app called Helper_SS

Hello People! This is an app called Helper_SS that helps people of my apartment to contact people like the plumber, electrician, sweeper etc., who help our neighbors in times of emergency. For example, when our taps are leaking, we call the plumber. But , the problem with this is that not everybody in my apartment is aware of their contact numbers. So, I decided to develop this app, which has all the contact details of the people whom they want to call. This is just the start. But later on,I plan to create a database with all the details of all the people living in my apartment so that we can get to know everybody. I would like to get all types of feedback for this, especially ideas that can help me improve. A big thanks.
Also, the app has been sent for reviewing on the amazon app store.

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Can you share a link with the community?

Hello, could you please find the link of your app and share it here, or even a screenshot. Then we could see what you see!

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Hey odaroagh,
The app will be up on the amazon app store in another 17-18 hours so you could check it out there.
But until then, I will send the screenshots

Hey 111,
The app will be available on the amazon app store with 17-18 hours. But, I will try to send the file to u asap.

Good job! I like that you added an about us page. Maybe add some developer contact information in there so if any consumers have questions, suggestions, or complaints they’ll have a way of contacting you. Also just a thought on the designer side of Thunkable there is an about section.

Make the buttons the same size, I think it looks better. You can add some blocks and variables to control all of your buttons on screen initialization or when the app begins. That way you can easily change attributes (color, size, text size, etc.) of all buttons all together, instead of one block at a time.

Varun you are probably going to begin seeing some limitations of buttons, on of which you can not programmatically add additional ones. So you may want to look at using lists and list views. They aren’t difficult at all you’ll get used to them quick. Keep it up!