Airtable Map (show image when Marker pressed)

Hi Fernando,

At first I thought this could be caused by the updated Map onClick event.
However, it seems to be related to the loop in the ‘on Map Ready’ block. If you get one row of the Spreadsheet, and display a corresponding marker in the app, it works as expected. I’ll take a closer look at the matter this week.

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Have you had a chance to look into this? I am having the same issue and I believe you are correct that there is something up with the loop in the ‘on Map Ready’ block. I would love to get this to work as I am building an app for a client of mine.

Thank you for all of your hard work on this as the tutorial was excellent!

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I have been able to work this out. Below are blocks that I used. With some help I was able to figure out that if there are blank cells or a blank row in the airtable spreadsheet the app will crash. (This was the key to the entire thing for me) There will need to be some logic in there to check for blanks but I have not gotten there yet. I hope this helps someone else!
Screenshot from 2020-09-23 15-01-19


Very interesting, thanks. It works perfectly!

How can I retrieve and show other row properties? I have name, surname, image and email: how can I recover them?

Thank you

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Check it out!

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thank you very much for the quick reply.

I seem to understand that you used a different approach than mine.

I used Jane’s instructions and it works, I just want to show other fields in the line with the same approach (as was done for attachments).

Could you help me?
Thanks so much.
Have a nice Sunday

It was much simpler than I thought.
Thanks for the help anyway.