[Advanced Sample App] Ride, a Private Uber (Like) App, Made on Thunkable ✕

Hey Thunkers,

One of the most common requests we get is how do you build an uber-like app. This is our first version of what that might look like on our new cross-platform ✕.

Ride is designed for a single rider and driver that demonstrates some of the more complex possibilities of using the Google Maps APIs with the Web API component including the geocoding, distance matrix and routing APIs. Developers will have to first create and use their own Google Maps API key and Realtime DB with Firebase. This is the first sample app that uses the cool renaming component feature that was just implemented.

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If you are interested in more sample apps, please visit this page.

Albert @ Thunkable


is there a guideline to follow for setup and add couple specific apis to it? the app gives whitescreen after login in my case

Did you specify your Firebase settings and Google geocoding api key in the application on the MainScreen screen in the Starts block?

yes i did , any developer experienced on further improving the app ? integrating with different api and as mentioned fixing android problems

A white screen appears when an attempt is made to use a null object. If you want, you can try to step-by-step debug this application. Disconnect all the blocks on the main screen, and then gradually connect them until a block is identified that leads to the appearance of a white screen.

When I press the R button in the driver I receive a nothing as a destination… it just opens google maps with my location and just “,” as a destination. I think something is wrong with sending the location to the driver. I have configured firebase and changed the API key in the block… maybe I skipped something when configuring? Has anyone else had the same issue?

How you generate your api code?

Hi @albert!

Is it only for PRO members?


that page for sample apps is not opening.

Hi @albert, is this project available only for PRO members? Cause i cannot remix…

Hi @fredmann - I’ve fixed the link now. Thanks for flagging this.

still only for PRO

Apologies for the confusion. Here is the remix link to the sample app Ride


I did something similar using classic thunkable
Could you tell me if there are errors and how could I solve them https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.upusuariomexico.Up_user

Hi guys I am new to this app and software development and using APA codes. I am trying to use this for my scooter renting company. Has anyone done this before or do you guys have any recommendations? I could really use the help and advice. This is been very hard doing on my own so I am open to a developer who has experience getting compensated well

Thoughts ?!

I want a on demand delivery app, means user can book a tasker through which the user can send a parcel in his or her desired location. Can you tell me about how can I do this through this app file? Please help me.