Adding Unique data from one table to another

Hello Thunkers!
So, i just came across this problem where I retrieve data on textbox change event from database(basically a search box), makes my app works slow, because this database(Order Report) contains several repeated entries hence making it slow to filter. So, I was looking to create a new table(Client Report) for this five text boxes, where if when I click confirm Button it checks:-

  1. If, data already there in client report than it should not add.
  2. If, data not present in client report table, this 5 textboxes data should be added to the table.

Coming to retrieving data via text box i.e., search box, when I type into GSTIN text box it should show me data from client report and not from order report table.

Let me explain sequentially…
As my order screen opens up, I type in GSTIN textbox, as I type a list viewer pops up, this list viewer should only contains value from client report table(Need solution here). if data is there i click on list box and the textbox gets filled with the clicked item. If not it’s okay it will be typed.(Done with this part).
Then I fill other details, and when I click confirm button, the gstin textbox should check if that record is in the client report or not.If not it should add. maybe I’m clear :sweat_smile: :thinking:

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