Add listener issue


how to listen to a project bucket that does not exist (not yet)?
the add listener block works when the project bucket contains something, however the application bug when we point with an add listenener to a project bucket that does not exist
in the current state the user must return from time to time for. consult this project bucket he cannot leave the application on the corresponding screen otherwise he will not see any modifications
how to get around this problem, I don’t see…

Is this the listener block you’re talking about?

Why can’t you just create the variable ahead of time? Which block are you using to reference the variable?

When you say “project bucket” are you referring to Firebase?


no, i don’t use cloud variable

yes, i use firebase

Okay, well you’ll have to show your blocks then…


I would not miss it when I would have solved another problem which is the subject of another post

Thank you for your support

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