About the Freelance / Paid Help Opportunities category

Often times, when building an app you may need some outside help. This could be minor support such as having quick coaching sessions or live debugging sessions, but could also include full app development and publishing services.

  • We hope to encourage a healthy ecosystem of developers and freelancers. Building production apps or even full MVP’s can be time consuming and sometimes difficult. Building an app will often require skills beyond being able to build in Thunkable such as managing a backend setup, custom API calls, authentication, Backend rules, publishing, design, and others! Users will come here to solicit help from others and can also offer their own services as a Freelance Thunkable.

  • If you are posting about your offered services, please include a way to get ahold of you, your skillset, rates, and any other relevant information.

  • If you are posting for a job: please include as much detail about the task as possible. If you have a budget planned, please include this. Otherwise you may include that you are open to negotiating on price.