About the Creator Lounge category


The Creator Lounge is a place for your to share tips and ideas for creating beautiful apps.
Maybe you’re a Photoshop maestro, or a whizz at video editing? Perhaps you’re an audiophile or a bit of a typography geek? Whatever your interest, this is the place to share it with the wider Thunkable Community.


Couldn’t we just use the best practices category for this? :thinking:


Best Practices was divided into #ThunkableClassicTutorials and #thunkable-cross-tutorials back in February Philip.

The idea behind the #creator-lounge is that it’s specifically for tools and services in your workflow that aren’t Thunkable.

To give a few more concrete examples, we’re hoping to have articles about everything from YouTube tags and Thumbnails to version control and GitHub.

Would love to know if you have any other suggestions or requests,



I see :grin: forgot about that :joy:
Will this category be visible for everyone?