A Simple To Do List | Using Colin TreeListView extension

Hi Everyone. . .

Today while i was playing with this very cool extension Colin TreeListView. I made an app To Do List Which can keep records of your daily stuffs that you want to do on those perticular days. You can easily add or remove events from your list…

A big thanks to @ColinTree for this amazing extension and @Domhnall for the tutorials.


:arrow_down: Download Beta Test APK

Note : The AIA of this app is paid if your want to buy the AIA. Kinldy Contact me on email [email protected] or PM me.



Excellent! :+1: Congrats! :tada:

That’s a quite complex app (for me) :grin:

Can i ask you one thing?
When you select dates, the corresponding to-do(s) according to the date appear.
Where do you store this to-do(s) according to dates? :thinking:

Thanks! :blush:

It’s very easy @kartik14. I have used dates as a tag.
like if the date is 03-10-2019 the tag becomes 03102019 and i’m storing the data in a TinyDB.

Not that much buddy… i made this in less then 2hrs. :sweat_smile:


:astonished: :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :blush: