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Official announcements from the team at Thunkable to help you invent your beautiful apps. Topics will range from the latest feature releases to bug fixes to other fun stuff for our amazing community!

Learn About the Thunkable Community

Please read here about questions about how to post, what to post, etc!

Questions about Thunkable

Get product questions answered on all things Thunkable.

Thunkable Modules

Topics in this category should be specific to questions about the creation, implementation, or importing Thunkable Modules. This is also the perfect space for our Creators to share their own Modules.

Tutorials and DIY Guides

This category is for all written and video tutorials that are specific to Thunkable ✕.

Free Templates, Designs, and Block Combinations

At Thunkable, we believe that sharing apps and their source code enables the first-time developers and non-coders in our community to not only build better apps but to also build them faster. In other words, we believe ain’t nobody got time to create the same app that another thunkable developer has created before.

Promote your App

This is an open space to promote your #MadeWithThunkable apps with the rest of the community. Please share links to your Google Play and App Store listings here.

Creator Lounge

The Creator Lounge is a place for your to share tips and ideas for creating beautiful apps.
Maybe you’re a Photoshop maestro, or a whizz at video editing? Perhaps you’re an audiophile or a bit of a typography geek? Whatever your interest, this is the place to share it with the wider Thunkable Community.

Off Topic

Posts that are not related to using Thunkable should be categorised as #off-topic


Give us your feedback about Thunkable

Teachers' Lounge

This is a safe space for teachers who are using Thunkable in the classroom to share lesson plans, lecture slides, plans for assessment, pedagogical strategies inspired by @domhnall @lucatunes and @barreeeiroo

APP101 App Building Course

Post assignments and provide feedback for APP 101 Intro to App Building

Freelance / Paid Help Opportunities

Often times, when building an app you may need some outside help. This could be minor support such as having quick coaching sessions or live debugging sessions, but could also include full app development and publishing services.