I’m Robbie, I’m finally able to do what I’ve always wanted! And thats to build apps :slight_smile: !!!

I was finally able to get a laptop for $40 not great but do able! And now slowly learning and doing my research to get a better handle on this!

Cant wait to Officially Get my first app published and keep learning and building bigger and better things for all of our wonderful people out there ! give them a tool they can use to help them out or entertain them!

These next few weeks will be hard on me in my life, getting back on my feet. $$$ is an issue but no excuses ! keeping my head up and moving forward 1 step at a time!

My first Official App that i would like to Publish would be a “REWARDS APP”

Feel free to message any advise or to just say “Hi”

BTW… Thunkable is Fantastic ! ! ! Great Job!!!