Week ending date

Hi all

I am new to Tunkable, i am writting a little app wich records receipts for expences, i need to submit the receipts at the end of each week, any suggestions as to how i can set a label to display the date the current week ends

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Can you send the code?

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I have a feeling you may want to use an API for this.

This topic is interesting and related to your question but doesn’t directly provide a solution:

I think you could make a function to do this but it would take a bit of work to get it right.


I was under the impression that weekend dates are things you need to manage with your app setup. I’m from the middle East and your from USA and we have different weekend days.

If you provide a way to select the date to submit the report then it doesn’t matter which date it is. The `day of week block will return a number but this number can easily be the item # of a list of days which will solve the issue.

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I used the date picker to select a date