WadWeb 1.1 - A Browser Engine made with Thunkable. Make your own site!

Below is the link to a browser engine I made with Thunkable. Right now, there are not very many sites, but you can add one! Just click “Create/Edit Site” at the top and fill out the details.

IMPORTANT - Images will always appear at the top of the site, followed by labels then buttons.

IMPORTANT - I did this for fun. Might update it in the future.

WadWeb 1.1
(Link - https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/610dac8481de3b0010fcf530)
Feel free to add your own sites!

WadWeb 1.1 - Added a “Search Google” button at the bottom so users have access to most of the internet. I could have used “cse.google.com” but it refuses to connect while you’re on the web version.

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Hey dude, how do i setup my own database?

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It’s easy. There’s a YouTube tutorial on it. Here’s the link: Connect and Save Data to Firebase Realtime DB // Thunkable X - YouTube

Thanks that fixed another problem with something i was working to get fixed

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Keep in mind seems like the current tutorial is outdated, whoever here is how to do it.
Activate Realtime DB or Firebase, start on locked/default mode.
Edit permissions and set everything that is false to true. Starting TEST MODE will erase your database 30 days later and then activating locked mode so please do that. I will contact the dev after posting this.

It seems like someone is having trouble with the app being compile please look at my past comment for more information if you did not program this error screen there is a chance that is bad compile or something else wrong with it.

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WadWeb v1.1 just finished! Check it out if you want. If you have any update suggestions, let me know!

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