Store variable stopping my app

Hello everyone.
My app is about tourist places. I made a button to add the places to favorites and save them in a list on another page.
Everything works fine only if I use “variable app”. When I try to use “Stored variable”, the app stops working with a message saying “Something has gone wrong. Check your blocks and reset this page”.
The same happens if I start with the empty variable.
I don’t know if it is only in the test app.
What am I doing wrong? I leave an image of my block.
Thank you.

We can’t see stored variable

the “stored variable” would be “favoritos”.
In the image is as “app variable” for the app to work.

Stored variables are a little tricky because they start out with a null value. So you have to do when screen opensif stored variable = nullset stored variable to [some value]. That value can be zero (0) or an empty string ("") or any other value.


Thanks! works with this block:

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