[Solved] Error Publishing my app on Google Play Store

  1. It was a bug fix update. Earlier versions wasn’t flagged.

  2. No webviewer (but link button to external URL)

  3. Yes, using Admob.

  4. NO map component. Not using any login function or data collection.

Noted: I used a GoogleSheet Database to pull a database. So not sure which of these uses LOCATION DATA.

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Ok, sure…

take a look please
  1. Publishing for the first time
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No
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  • Are you updating an existing app or publishing for the first time? Publishing for first time, than I updated it.
  • Does your app contain a Webviewer? No.
  • Does your app use AdMob? Yes.
  • Does your app use the Map component? No
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1- first time
2- yes
3- no
4- no

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@Deluxe - do you have Push Notifications in your project?

No Push notifications. The only invisible components in my app are:

  • API
  • Alert
  • Sound
  • Timer
  • Share

Ok - that’s helpful. Can you PM me your project link and a screenshot of the email you got from Google Play?



Thanks for that.

So far it’s looking like this is a recent roll-out of new policy by Google, but if there’s anything we can do on our end then we will.


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Do you have a link on that policy so inquiring minds can read it in advance of publishing?

And what if there isn’t? (a rhetorical question actually…)

Scroll to “Location permission”



I’m having the same problem here.
That’s a copy of the project: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/16883330c13914dc5e17502f4f442a48

  1. Are you updating an existing app or publishing for the first time? First time
  2. Does your app contain a Webviewer? I use the Web API
  3. Does your app use AdMob? No
  4. Does your app use the Map component? No

I use Translator, Firebase SignIn, Web API and local storage components.

  1. Publishing the app for first time.
  2. No web viewer
  3. No AdMob
  4. No Map Component

thanks @agha96mujm - it looks like the requirement in your app is because of the Push Notifications component.

Have you filled in the form on Google Play for your app?

@bmh1974 - doesn’t AdMob need this permission to serve individualised ads? did you complete the form on Google Play?

We’ll find a fix - I spent a good portion of my day yesterday publishing sample apps to see if I could generate this message, but nothing yet. Your’s is particularly interesting since I can’t see any component that obviously requires background location permissions.

Is there any chance you added and then removed one of the above listed components @Deluxe?

Thanks @prottomakers - it might be due the the Sign in component, will confirm this for you.

Did you fill in the form on Google Play?

Thanks @sinu.mathewj - please PM my a link to your project (not a copy link) so that we can take a closer look.


I can’t recall, it could be. But shouldn’t your compiler check every time which components use which permissions in order to remove the unnecessary ones which may lead in situations like this one?

Thanks @domhnallohanlon ! Which google play form do you refer to?


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Yes I filled the form twice with video try to explain them … and also reject
the message like :

Feature does not meet requirements for background location access
Based on our review, your declared feature does not meet the requirements for background location access.

Please remove the background location permission requested and submit an update to your app. When declaring a feature for background location access,