Retrieve firebase data in list viewer

I can’t retrieve my firebase data in a list view. Here is my code along with the JSON structure. Note that the variable app text is my global variable that represents my input data.

This is how I input my data to firebase:


There are a few potential issues and some additional information to help debugging.

  1. Try to steer clear of the RealtimeDB GET and SAVE Blocks.They are asynchronous and a massive headache. Use the Cloud Variable Blocks instead. Here is a link on the easy conversion Replace GET or SAVE Blocks with cloud variables.
  2. If you insist on using the RealtimeDB Get Block, try checking the ERROR block before performing operations on the VALUE block.
  3. I THINK (but I’m not 100% sure) that for Thunkable to read a JSON List/Array, the elements must be number starting with 0 and have no missing entries. The Firebase list has 0,2,4,6,10. I think that will cause thunkable problems
  4. Once you fix the number and use the cloud blocks, I think your Button2 click should look something like this:
  5. Button 1 to save the values should probably look something like this (again, steer clear of the SAVE block):

Happy Thunking!


I fixed the number in JSON but I couldn’t make use of your figure. I’m still a beginner learning how to invoke the data. cloud object also made my firebase data null.

I made this code, it works fine for getting data only once i press the button. I want to get my entire data list in one press. Any help, I appreciate it. It also gets only the password value, not the email. :frowning:

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In the GET block, change the key to //

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Doesn’t worked. It shows empty list.

What happens to Label 1 if you do this?

Can you also share a screenshot of your current Firebase realtime db data?