Read the value from a list in Firebase

I had successfully save a list with these blocks below.
My problem is I want to check whether the user’s already in one of the chatroom, so the list will not create a new one.
Example, if Person A is there in the index0 room, then function only read the data without create a new one.

Screenshot (483)
Screenshot (484)

It’s a mess now in my project because I am trying lots of ways to break through. Thank you. :smiley:

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You might be able to learn how to search through Firebase nodes from this topic:

If you get stuck, post a screenshot of what you’ve tried (the screenshot above is a Save block which doesn’t have anything to do with reading values from a list…).


Finally, I tried a different to do it. I use Firebase UID to separate each room and also use list viewer to show the chat. Is much easier for me :joy:. Probably there are more advance way to make this.

I shared my blocks and firebase DB here. :pray: Feel free to give some advice. :smiley:

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