I'm having issues logging in

Hi, I am unable to log in with Google in the Thunkable Live app after the updates (app + website) - I just end up in Safari on logged into the Google search page.

Help, please?

hi @losmobilos

Are you having issues logging into the Thunkable Live app? Are you running the latest version (v 26?)

Or are you having issues logging into ios.thunkable.com?

Or both??

I have problems logging into the Thunkable Live app only (version 26) in iOS 9.3.5 (iPad2).

I can get into the website just fine.

@losmobilos apologies Sign in with Google isn’t working on iOS 9 & 10. Version 27 of our app resolves this issue and has been submitted to Apple for review (hopefully it will be approved tomorrow). In the meantime you may resolve this issue by upgrading to iOS 11 (if supported by your device).


Thanks for the swift response.

My iPad only supports 9.3.5 so I will have to wait for version 27 of the app.

Apple has finally approved it!

I am testing it right now - seems OK.

EDIT: Works fine - this speeds up development considerably.

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