How To View As A Responsive Web App On DnD?

Previously to take screenshots of my app I would view my app as a Responsive Web App. I would then Inspect Element that page and take the relevant screenshots.

I am now using DnD and I am trying to take screenshots of my app using the method of using Web Preview then Inspect Elelement but it is not showing the app, only the Thunkable platform.

How do you view the app as a Responsive Web App on DnD? Or how do you take screenshots using DnD?

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Check this menu

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Hi Muneer

Thank you very much for your update. I appreciate it.

This works and I am able to open the app in the Responsive Web App.

However, I have encountered an issue where I am able to change the size of the device (iPhone X, iPad Pro, etc) but the app itself doesn’t change to fit the relevant device.

This photo shows it -

Do you know how to fix this?

Thanks again!

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Use this option