How to manipulate audio position

Hmm… something off in terms of your calculations then. You can post a screenshot of your blocks or PM me with a link to your project and I’ll see if I can figure out why.

On a related note: does anyone know how to record a sound and stop recording using the new drag-and-drop interface? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is my code:

You’re using [app variable end seconds since 1970]. Did you mean to do that? I suggested you use [app variable start seconds since 1970].

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Oh my bad! I duplicated a end variable block and forgot to change the name😀

A quick way to test this is to set a label to the value of [app variable time]. Then see if you get the expected value. For example, if you recorded for 15.59, you’d expect to get back 15.591274857134 or 15 if you’re rounding. If you’re rounding to the nearest second, add the [round] block that I have in my second screenshot.

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Is this supposed to happen?

You’ll have to decide how much to round your duration. See the comment I made just above about rounding.

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Thanks, testing that right now. When I tried it again, I got 1:14, which seems correct(didn’t use the phone’s timer).