How to get data from firebase and list in listviewer?

i am a newbie to this platform…

so i dont know how to get data from firebase to my app…

this is my firebase structure


in the picture i want to display all my categories eg: Ice Cream , milk, etc… in my listview

please help me it is an urget!!!

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You may want to start by searching the forums for your topic. For example, I found these:


Are you using cloud variables to connect to your database or the Firebase blocks?

The solution will depend on how you retrieve your data from your database.

no i am using realtime db

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i saw that but i did not get the right answer

write the following coding (or something similar) which should give you the items in the list (Ice Cream, Milk) in the list viewer.



will check and say

I have doubt that how i can get the value which is clicked on the listviewer and get the value

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You use the green “item” block for that:


Thanks i got the solution thaks @tatiang and @muneer for you Solutions