Getting a information from JSON code

Hey guys,

Could someone aid me?
So, I’m trying to get a information from JSON code bellow

This code I receive using a API.

I’m a begineer and i’m trying to get it making a list.

I don’t know, what I’m doing wrong but all the time I receive this ERROR NOTIFICATION

Could someone analise this blocks and help me to continue building it?

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I’m not familiar with Thunkable Classic but if you want to make this work using Thunkable X, I have a tutorial video that will show you the steps to get started with APIs and JSON.

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I don’t think you are using the current thunkable that is available. Maybe try updating so we can help you out better?

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You are using the classic version of Thunkable so my explanation might not be matching to your situation.

You need to first convert the JSON to Object. Use something like

You can then get the path by reading the properties like this

Here is a sample output