Generate random code

Can you share your app with me? I will look at it and get back with you

when I download the code it doesn’t generate at all. i will try the api i found. if it works i share the api and the blocks. thankyou

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work! I was playing with the project. Hopefully this one works, I just double checked before sharing. Id love to see what you come up with also!

@jared Your project didn’t preview properly on my device:

This could be further randomised more fairly (i.e. Not follow the pattern that you have created) by first making the app randomly pick between which list the next character will be picked from, then picking from that list. This would make it more fair and means you can have numbers and letters beside each other :slight_smile:

Your idea is fabulous nonetheless.

Weird. Here is a fresh share link. I just tried it to make sure it works.

The random button should initialize as disabled. If not, there’s a problem.

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Thank you!! You’re right though. Randomizing the type and placement of each character would be the ideal randomization. The code I posted still creates random strings but there is a pattern to the randomness…

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I’m sure there are dozens of ways to do it! When you are done your app I’d love to hear about it!

I was thinking the same. I started building it that way but didn’t have time to finish it yet.

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@tatiang @eoinparkinson

this is 1 step further

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Hi Jared,

how to created number with standard formation? for example 100 to 200. if user click it will get 100 then 101 until 200. once it finish it will repeat from beginning. i dont want random number.

That should be pretty straight-forward.

Initialize variable to 100.
On click
–>If variable = 200
–>-->Change variable to 100
–>-->Change variable by 1

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@ozel1978 ^^^^^

Thanks @tatiang

thank you guys.


i found it new session it will duplicate same number. so how to avoid that?

Probably gonna wanna use a cloud variable or stored variable.

Try this. You can even add more letters or codes.