Convert Text Input to int/ How to make numeric input that can be used for Math

Has there been any improvements because I am having the same problem

@akul.whitehatjruwh When you write “I am having the same problem” it’s really hard to know what exactly is happening in your project. Can you provide some details? A screenshot of the blocks you’re using would be helpful.

these are the pics and it shows NaN.

with all numbers

Well I got the solution to the problem…Sorry if I wasted your time

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You can convert the text input to a numeric value by adding 0 to it or multiplying it by 1 then apply any mathematical operation on it.

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can you tell that it will help other users

I suspected – and @muneer confirmed – that you have to first convert the text value to a numeric value by adding 0 or multiplying by 1 and then you can use more advanced math functions like square/exponential power.