Cloning components to create "DVL" style lists

I tried to recreate the screen flashing issue but could not. The first screen of this project has that attempt:

So there may be something else causing the flashing.

Edit: Figured it out! It was my mistake (sorry @bibbi and @conroy!). I have two buttons, one to move backwards by date and one to move forwards. I had left an old function in the “forwards” button. I removed it and now there is no flash:

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No worries at all @tatiang, I’m glad it’s working properly. Lovely collaboration happening here in the thread. Exactly what this community is all about.

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there is at least one man happy or at least satisfied with the result obtained after so much work, isn’t @tatiang ?
I would like to know and I must not be the only one if what you found is valid for your application or can be generalized from a few basic principles?

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Yes, quite happy! But it took me a dozen hours of work to get there.

The blocks are pretty complex (for example, I’m using a math formula with 3n-2 list index #s to populate labels in each container) and specific to my project so I don’t think it helps to share a screenshot at this point but I can do my best to answer questions.

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This looks great!

What I would like to know first is would it work in StP, and if you only update a number of clones corresponding to the capacity of a screen?

I would think it would work the same in StP. Because it’s a loop, you can update as many or as few clones as you need. But I’m not sure how you would do that based on the size of the screen.

I use a scrolling layout (you could use a scrolling column in StP) so that it doesn’t matter how many clones I have on the screen.


a “DVL” like is a series of clones that can be modified one after the other (my mistake was to think of a group) so to modify a background, move a clone, it becomes more obvious
indeed to access a line or a label you will need a formula as @tatiang said and/or juggle with lists of components and it will be essential to save the clones in a list
@tatiang’s journey helped me a lot and I appreciated the support of another clone master: @muneer


:rofl: did you even read this post for context on what a dvl is? You’re way off.

@jared That is some weird, weird spam. Or a clever attempt with ChatGPT. I’ve removed the message. Although, I am curious if they ever would have responded.

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