App for autistc children Creat a alarm clock

Hi guys, I’m creating an app for autistic children that consists of Daily Routines, but I can’t create an alarm or event in the app.

It works as follows:
1 - The user chooses a task and the time he wants to perform it.
2 - The application is in the background and opens at the scheduled time with the task image.

At the moment I don’t know how to store these variables, and I don’t know how to create an alarm.
Can you help me ? If anyone wants to know more please contact me. Thanks


Hey @gustavogomes.g181m, :wave: , welcome to the community! it’s great to see another user with similar interests! I made my first project as a solution for parents of children with autism to work better with their ABA therapists.

It may be more realistic, if you plan to use Thunkable, to train the child to respond to an alarm on their phone. When the alarm goes off, they check the app and see what they should be doing.


Hello @jared Thanks for the feedback, I am researching some ways to achieve the project objective. Very nice to meet someone who is interested in the cause.

you could use your app to send messages to google calendar by configuring an app script. then the app could technically fire alerts that would awaken your phone

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Great idea, is it possible to do this in Thunkable? Sorry, but I’m new here and have basic programming knowledge

Yes! But there are not instructions for doing a calendar. Currently we have instructions for how to send an emial. you would have to learn this script writing on your own or hire a freelancer or wait for someone else to post the instruction here on the forum.

it’s not terribly difficult, after you have studied it, but it is difficult at first.

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Thank you very much friend, I will research more about it.