Youtube Extension Paid Version



No, it doesn’t work. :frowning:

My main goal is to overwrite a video. But everytime I try to, both videos are still playing, the first one is just invisible.
So after a few overwritten videos, the app just crashes due to a memory issue.


show blocks


Sorry, which block do you mean?
The “stop”-block doesn’t help, unfortunately

EDIT: I just put the “PauseVideo” and “StopVideo” together, before I overwrite the video and it works, so far.
Thank you, @Andres_Cotes I got a solution.

This is an awesome extension, for everyone who wants to play youtube videos and wants some controll tools for it!


how can i put videos in my app because ggoogle reject my app because of policy. something is not ok with that but they dont tell me more i should read the policy


Do you have ads in your app and could I see the apk? @KryptoPhil


no i no have ads in apk i build


In This Exension There is No Method When Full Screen click or orientation changed


i want the extension please , how can?



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