Youtube Extension Paid Version



I would be so thankful for a solution.


you can change the size of the array with the animation extension


Hi Andres! Is there any way to set (change) the current position in the duration of the video? I´ve seen how to read the current position, but if I want to rewind 10 seconds, how would I do it?

Thanks! Great work



with the current methods it is not possible


Ok! Gracias!


can we embed youtube playlist (not video id) with this extension


Please sir can you give this extension for free I was very poor I don’t have any money You swear by your jesus my whatsapp number is +91-7289936461 Please


@Harsh_Technical_Thak , there is a Free version. Is it not good enough to You?


No sir I want this one can you please give me


This user was also begging on the AppyBuilder forum. You can see that free isn’t good enough for him.


can you give a demo app


Hi, is this extension based on YouTube Android Player API?

If so can we add youtube developer API key somewhere in the blocks or extension settings? as it is mandatory to register our app in the developer console to show youtube videos.

Also is there a possibility to add chromeless player style in this extension?


אפשר apk אני מעוניין לקנות


Could you please make the title etc. clickable, so it leads to the original video on youtube? Otherwise the Google Play Store won’t accept any app using this extension.

And could you make it possible, so we can use link-commands like ’ &hideinfo=0’?

I would even buy the extension again, if it matches my expectations.


@Andres_Cotes Could I please get a answer on this? I really need this awesome extension updated, otherwise I can’t finish my app.


@Billla, may be I have a suggestion to help you with this case. But, before, do you have any app on google play that uses this extension?


No, not yet. Cause my app got denied from Google Play, cause the Youtube links wasnt clickable


I need a file


Hi there!

Is there a way to remove a video from an arrangement again? @Andres_Cotes


you can try
check no visible