Youtube Extension Paid Version



Esta extension permite visualizar videos de youtube con metodos para haceder a las funsiones de pausa, stop, entre otras



Price 15 USD

Is it possible to make a Video Downloader App (downloading Video from Youtube, Facebook ... )

also resolve this prob :point_down:t2: . it may increees it value


This is an amazing extension!! Do you have any apk to try it


Hi Sir I Need buy this how can i buy this My Email : [email protected]


this is the link 15 usd


im waiting to resolve this problem


that can be done with the animation extension


@Andres_Cotes, has anybody already bought this extension and published any app with it in the Google Play? I am asking because I was thinking if GooglePlay could not reject such kind of app…


desde que no pongas video de vimeo o con copyright no hay problema


hi Andres.
Does the youtube extension work with thunkable?
do you have a video that shows usage and how it works?


it is correct the extension works on the inventor platforms

I still do not have video of the paid version but the methods are the ones that are published


Can you please give me the PayPal link to pay this extension?



yes work fine
it is 100% correct the extension works on the inventor platforms.
if u want see its example m can see this app


HI Andres. I Just finished the payment for thisYoutube Extension.



Hi there,
awesome extension! but is it possible to hide the video title and navigation bar? By putting a ‘&hideinfo=0’ in any block maybe?


no thats not posibol with this time .
but @Andres_Cotes if want !!!
he can do it .


Yeah, I would love to see a possibillity for ‘amp;rel=0’ as well, which hides featured videos.

I’m already searching so long for a possibility to autoplay a youtube video with hidden title, navigation bar and featured videos. This would be so great!


@Andres_Cotes May it be possible to keep the video playing, when the size of the selected arrangement is changed, instead restarting the video?


I have not tried