Youtube extension does not work after Thunkable update (January 2018)

Hi. I have an app with more than 2000 downloads made with thunkable and using the youtube extension from @Andres_Cotes. This year, after thunkable update, this extension stoped working. Now, I have to update my app but I can´t due to this problem. Could somebody help me?

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Thanks for highlighting this @fabioirmao - does the error occur for all users or only a small group?

If it’s an issue with the extension then we’ll have to wait for @Andres_Cotes, since he’s the only one who can help with this.

In the meantime, are there any other users experiencing issues with this extension?

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This happen to me, too. After I drag the extension from the list in the Viewer, in the Companion the buttons has no text and the blocks has no response. I mean if I press a button that had to do something, it would not do anything. After I delete the extension from the list everything is ok.

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Are you talking about the YouTube extension??

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is the free version or the paid version the one that has difficulties

Hi. I AM using the free one.

the same issue for me too am using free version

Yes Me Too Having Problem With Youtube Extension

Youtube Extension Not Working
Showing Error When App Is Opening

but that’s working for me .

Try to compile and use your app in Thunkable and Tell us If It will work.

YouTube Extensions works sometime after updating Last thunkable and max is not working
@Andres_Cotes please resolve this problem .

after remove you tube extensions its work fine


@Andres_Cotes please resolve this problem .

Due to this problem , the project and me and other people have also pending for the project updates.

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Did anyone get the solution of the problem ?

the videos work in the webviewer normally ??

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problem are as

with YouTube extension

after remove you tube extensions its work fine

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This problem is with the Free and Paid both version.

the version pays this working normal I have used it in these days