Your APK needs to have the package name



Upload My APK Google Play Store Error???

Please Help Me


Latest Android Release (Feb 8) - Package Name change

i think u have to change package Name

otherwise maybe playstore cun’t accept to upload the .apk



no same aia

Janaury - 2018 update my apps Playstore

today some change My AIA and again upload

Error Show


If once you « saved as » your app then it changed the package name, you have to rename it


But sir i am beginner​:hugs::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


My link should help you!
Just follow the tuto!


sir sent aia you solve me??


I guess you used “save as” and saved a copy of your project? That leads to a different package name since a recent Thunkable update. But you can still download the old .aia, rename the file and upload it as lagacy app to keep your old package name.


Try but same error


Send my aia file are u help me???


You need to learn how to resolve the issue. If not you will have to ask everone each time.


thank you advise and my problem sovle


Hello friends My Problem Solve

special thanks @clement_pignet

Solve Link


Have you changed your package name???
if you have your previous aia file than please upload from the aia file from legacy than you will not face any problem.


yes brother done ho gaya


very helpfull, many thanks,