YAIL Compiler - DX Execution failed

I’m trying to compile my app but I get this error:

This is my aia: School_Life_Diary.aia (1,3 MB)

Please help me solve this!

Did you take a look at this


or this


Yes… but it doesn’t work…

How many extension do you use?

Just… a bit…

I think this is the problem, you must reduce the extension, use just the important extension for your app…

I use all the extensions…
I can delete only TaifunGoogleAccount and WebVieverDialog, but the others I use all…

Just try to delete that extension first (TaifunGoogleAccount and WebVieverDialog) , and then try to export your apk again… l hope it help

I tried to delete them but I got the same error…

Did you update some of the extensions?

Not recently… I think some weeks ago…

can u check de blocks if some changue? , I have the same error , was the creator changue one of ther blocks and cause the system fail

You cannot use ExtraComponents and Dialogs extension together, this is a wierd bug.

But ExtraComponents is the only way to obtain background colored buttons with Material Design characteristics…

@ILoveThunkable @maicol07 Backup your project , download de aia , in the copy delete one of that component if u can build Is that ,

Problem is not that. There is a wierd unknown problem, when using both these extensions. You have to import either extra components or dialogs extension.

So only one is permitted? Is a bug of Thunkable or of App Inventor in general? Also has WebViewerDialog the same problem?

actually it’s not a weird unknown problem, it’s a very well known issue and I suggested to @Helios several times how to fix it

it looks like @Helios is not very much interested in doing this…

Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

So are you going to fix this? Has Dialog Webviewer the same error?