Will Thunkable Android not available in future?

**# The Future of Thunkable Classic Android
Assuming this all goes well, we plan to stop supporting Thunkable Classic Android in late 2019, and dedicate 100% of our resources to Thunkable .

Does Thunkable stop to create App for Android platform in future ?

The X platform makes it possible to develop apps for Android as well and will be incremented with a lot of new features before Classic gets deleted :slight_smile:

They can’t even do something as basic as pixel density independence…

Are you reading ?

No, when Android Classic will get “destroyed”, X won’t have all of the features. Plus, it’s absolutely not extendible platform so, that won’t help.

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If you say so

Basically Thunkable will be a fully paid platform to develop APPs ( $200 yearly).

So the conclusion is …
All Thunker who will fail to enrolled for Pro package all of their .AIA will be accessible to all.
That means the Thunker who have already created and published their app ( at-least 10+ & more ) in Play Store they need to sign up with Pro else their .AIA will be open to all.
So, indirectly every body forced to enrolled them-self with PRO if they wish to use THUNKABLE in future.

100$ but I understand it’s still a lot.

I don’t think classic is affected by the new update : Welcome to Thunkable Pro (rant)

So I guess you’re complaining for nothing on that one, you still have until late 2019 and then you’ll have to move your projects to X.

Nice day :slight_smile:

What does "late 2019 " mean ? SEP - NOV or JUL-DEC :slight_smile:

i.e Every thunker prepare them self to pay $200 from July 2019 or later with in DEC 2019

That’s not how it works… More users = less costs per user

Thats your argument but the developers of Thunkable have never said such a thing.

Well I don’t think after such a loss of users they’ll lose more of them by doubling the price. We’ll wait for an official announcement then :slight_smile:

Anf thunkablex apps uses many storage and still problem on companion

@ILoveThunkable, Mark said the following :

Here : we’re going to spend more of our time on adding features and fixing bugs and convincing users that we will get to rough feature parity with Classic - and beyond - in the time frame we’re talking about!

Nice day :slight_smile:

And if you didn’t read:

That’s exactly why I sent that

We are still supporting Thunkable Classic and we just fixed a bug -


how do I move a classic project in X?

This is not possible

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well if they did so all the users will go to makeroid platform as we know it is similar to thunkable classic.Somany people got experience with thunkable classic and want to develop their apps in this platform only.because they adicted and got some basic experience on this platform.so if thunkable stop classic then every body goes to makeroid and app inventor platforms.
I will to switch to makeroid or app inventor if they stop this platform.
Simple you know no need to worry about thunkable stopping this platform.
even you can upload thunkable aia files on other platforms also then why do you guys fear about this.
just leave and start making apps.