Why not takeup a Tech course

the below links are offering courses that would enhance your tech skills so you can combine thunkable knowledge and the new knowledge to better understand other API’s and database and syntax to help you harness your thunkable app development carrier.
remember udemy is offering all courses for $10 (promo) and alison is offering free diploma courses.
https://alison.com/ or https://www.udemy.com
Take advantage to harness your thunkable app dev carrier.

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Udemy has free courses:

It’s in Spanish, but a fast GTranslator could help you. All courses are in English


Udemy’s Super Collector’s Course Totally FREE! Learn all kinds of techniques for free.
thats great @barreeeiroo

@barreeeiroo thanks alot!! i followed your link and i have successfully registered for 6 courses freeee!!
.though most of the links on the page had their promos ended but a quick search helped.have started and can’t wait to understanding THE internet of things and how to make very useful and complicated thunking apps.
thunk you barreeeiroo

You can try udacity, its great!

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I have also created some courses which you may like:

  1. Create a translator app (Free course)
  2. App Inventor Advanced training course