Why is there a 50 project limit for Pro - when there is 1GB of storage?

I’ve looked at a couple of other posts (link 1, link 2), but I don’t quite get the (new) limitations on the number of projects.

Pro used to be ‘unlimited’ projects, before this new price hike. I agree storage has a cost, but why 50 projects? The majority of my projects have hardly any data, it’s all stored externally.

According to my account I’m using 42.77 MB of 1024 MB. That means I’m using just 4.2% of my storage, logically I should be able to create enough apps to fill that. But no, I only get 50… That’s awful, especially as we can’t export projects! If we could (even as a DB or JSON), then it could clear out some of my apps, but if I come back to them I don’t want to have to re-create them from scratch…

Fifty apps is not Professional in any sense of the word, it’s hobbyist at best. It’s simply not good enough for Thunkable to make a restriction from unlimited to just 50 just to scrape some more cash from their loyal users.

I would like to request that Thunkable please put the number of apps for Pro up to at least 150, if not 250, but then just simply limit the storage per app which will mean that users who need more storage can go up to the next tier, that’s what everyone else does - charges for storage, not projects (unless it’s Trello or Asana but that’s their whole product).

No one should be storing big files on Thunkable and if they are then Thunkable could implement separate storage for those users, or tap into something other than cloudinary (which is user friendly, but is pricey), like S3 or Wasabi.

For a lot of Pro users, we could probably create 500 apps and still have storage to spare… Why not let us do this??

The restriction is a pathetic attempt to get people onto a higher tier when it’s costing Thunkable not that much more. I’m not going from $250/year to $2000/year for basically the same thing I had before but with “unlimited” storage…

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50 private project and unlimited public project

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The space is for “unlimited” public projects :wink:
You can keep “private” projects those that are really in an advanced develop stage, that keep keys or other sensitive info.
Any other like “testing” or learning something just make it public.

That’s obviously not an answer, most people making private projects will not want to suddenly make private projects public. All my projects have keys and sensitive info, WebAPI logins and other private data that would potentially violate Data Protection if I made public.

If we can use “unlimited” public projects, surely there is enough “space” for say, 50 or 100 more Private projects…? I’d happily have a limit of 1000 or 500 public projects (or even 100) in exchange for 100 more private ones…

50 Private Projects is just too low.

Look at Adalo: $39/m unlimited apps, 5GB storage, custom domain, page linking, Zapier and IAP.

I’m not planning on moving from Thunkable, I love it, but this new amount of projects versus pricing isn’t up to scratch with some competitors, that also offer more features, and Thunkable’s previous offering of $250/year, which is now $450/year for less projects and the same features…

An answer that not fitts your needs is still an answer tho :hugs:
I can’t argue with your point of view. You have right. But: as you said: there`s plenty of competitors with lower prices, so anyone have the option to move opened. Still:

…so, in a way, the higher prices here has some justification: friendly environment, an awesome community, and i’ll add, developers that really listen to our issues (i’m speaking in my behalf here, maybe not all agree with me).
For me, 50 private projects are enough… it means that i can have, in the end, 50 possible apps in developing stage, published. If not about to be published, why to bother to put in an app sensitive info ?
Please dont take this personally, i just wanna talk to you about this and thats all… Anyone may have his own opinion :blush:

This topic is not really about my personal/ specific needs. But what it is also not about is public apps. They are irrelevant to this topic.

I’m asking why they have almost doubled the price and added a low, very low cap of 50 projects. Regardless of free public projects, which I don’t use because they are potentially open to the world.

The higher price does not have any justification either, because everything is the same! Sure features are added but not enough to make them stand out from competitors that have more features and more projects for around the same cost.

So now, all new users and existing Pro users from 2023 will have to pay more for less…

Why bother to put sensitive info in an app?? Because that’s the whole point of an app - to interact with data, that data is secured and users need to login to view it, the app will have API keys for multiple databases.

Don’t question why a developer would need to put API keys in their app, it’s ridiculous. If you knew anything about actual app development you’d know that was a silly thing to say.

Maybe you make little apps for playing around, for yourself or family, but I make apps that deal with personal information, payment information and they need to be secure and private from development until released.

So no, that answer is giving me an alternative which I obviously already thought of and can’t possibly use. Public projects are of no use to many serious creators where data privacy is a real concern.

Well, than ill put it this way… I make little silly thing and i found that paying 25$ for that is fair (almost cheaper that some game subscription, and i enjoy here even much than in a game) … You develop at a way higher level (potentially with some money revenues) , so you need to pay more for that.