Why downloading the assets takes a lot of time?


Although little off topic,
why downloading the assets takes ridiculously a lot of time??

on my specific app there are 30 items of total size 1.22mb… :frowning:

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Hello @Mr_Blackd

I have Asset of 2mb+ over wifi it takes less than 30sec and over USB take around 15 seconds.

There are several reasons. The downloading the assets from Thunkable servers to Phone over
internet / wifi and most importantly, file-by-file copy would be slower compared to one-single file. When downloading the files over internet it depends upon the latency of network - usually it is different according to different parts of countries etc.



It just happens the last couple of days and I can assure you my internet speed is not the reason… :wink:

btw thanks for moving to a new thread…


Just for the record and for marking this thread as solved, I found out that downloading the assets if connected via WiFi is as fast as @mannankhanabdul said. BUT if I place my laptop on the docking station that has a Lan Cable connected the lag is starting…

Maybe I should use another cable :stuck_out_tongue: or just unplug it so as to connect via WiFi :smile:


you probably might be happier using a personal server?
see the overview here https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ai4a/ajG4Q6UrRR8/aNrWzZa5BQAJ

also see the general tips