Why don’t thunkers use Material Design?


It’s Google’s design system, there are lots of great resources online and in the community:

@Helios wrote quite a few posts:

As has @Amoroso

And I’ve even added a few tips too:

User interface option

Are the material icons as PNG images or they are as fonts in Thunkable?
Material icons = images in Thunkable
Material icons = fonts in Thunkable.
If they are as fonts then it’s great news but if they are images instead of use them I can use awesome font “I watched your video about it” awesome fonts have the same icons with Material but they are still font not images and I will not face any problems with image problems in Thunkable.
Would you reply, please?
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Material icons is a .ttf font


You can do either, depending on your needs, so for example you can downloads the icons if you only need a few. I have a video showing how to do this here:

Or you could download the Material Icons .ttf file and use that instead if you needed lots of icons. I have a video showing how to do this with Font Awesome but the steps would be identical for Material Icons:


I watched this link, if i build an icon, and download it :

Which one should I use ?
How to make my I responsive by using the good one ?


The different sizes are so that you can easily add the different resolutions to Android Studio:

The xxxhdpi is 96px X 96 px and will only take up a few hundred bytes in your app. This means that it’s great for small buttons, like sharing, social media links etc. but if you want something that can scale your best bet is probably the .ttf file, mentioned above. It all depends on your use case really.


@Domhnall @Amoroso @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu

Will you guys provide any aia example in action, so that we can learn something from it. We are not using because we don’t know. Please provide us a sample aia file which contains not only icon but those objects we found in material.io



Take a look at the posts that have already been linked above, most have .aia files.

If you want to figure out something for yourself though @indian the best way to learn is by definitely by doing. You will learn more in 6 minutes doing it yourself that you would in 60 minutes looking at someone else’s work.


I am already using .ttf but I like the possibility to design icons on that link (add free banner on front or something like that)

When we use ttf, text is in front and nothing can be in front of it


I quote the wrong one
Using this as a button

If we use ttf and an image, PRO text will be under thé text and not on top


Because when users compiled their old apps to make an update with the new layout, everything looked bad, too big, or too different and out of place.



:point_down:t2: ke baare mai kuch nhi janta hu


Ek aia miljaayega tho maza aayega


kya aapko kuch aisha chahiye ?


Kal check karoonga bhayya


Please post a simple aia file.


What sort of .aia are you looking for?

Some of @ILoveThunkable’s templates might point you in the right direction?


Just clicked a thunker’s link to a MD page…
$29 / month might be what’s putting thunkers off using MD?


??? There’s no charge for “using” Material Design, it’s an open, shared set of design standards that Google developed. Anyone can use them in their apps or sites.


@chrisA can you elaborate?