Why app is crashing always


I have made an app with thunkable. Ot is working properly in almost all devices and in some devices it is crashing. Why plz explain.


Well i am not a fortuneteller. With the little you tell nobody can help you.


@Kiranmadde there are many reasons for this problem

#1 try to keep your app logo in jpeg format and not in png

#2 close the current screen before opening another screen

the reason behind this is all the screens are open in background and uses memory and app crashes

—> IMPORTANT ->>>and don’t close Screen1 one

#3 try to keep your app size not more than 7 mb

give a like if it helps u


Ok thanks

I have one problem can you solve.

When a button click then open a url link in external browser.


If you use a web viewer you can check "use external browser ,see alsto the docs qui